Digident Instrumentation

… for precise root fillings.

In the early eighties, Electrical Engineer Attila Modacsay and Dentist Dr Tibor Dery developed the DigiDent electrometric root canal length measuring instrument for the precise management of fillings on the basis of changes in electrical resistance.

The Japanese scientist Sunada established that electrical resistance at root endings was 6800 Ohm. This rate increases towards the crown of the tooth and decreases in the opposite direction. The currently used devices are also based on this principle. DigiDent is protected by patent in 19 countries for a period of 20 years and is manufactured by Óra-Műszeripari Szövetkezet (Cooperative).


Because this was the only such instrument on the market at the time, sales figures were excellent across Europe. Even Hungarian universities expressed their appreciation for the device and included it in their distributed lecture notes. The unit contributes to reducing the number of x-ray scans and to making improved root fillings.